Analysis of Cognitive frailty and associated factors in hospitalized geriatrics with comorbidity
Received:May 22, 2019  Revised:June 27, 2019
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Key words:aged; inpatients; comorbidity; cognitive frailty
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wang ling-xiao 成都市第五人民医院老年科 
杨永学 成都市第五人民医院老年科 
管丽娟 成都市第五人民医院老年科 
Shen Jing 成都市第五人民医院老年科 
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      Objective To investigate the status of cognitive frailty among the multimorbid elderly and explore the associated factors. Methods General information,multimorbidity,cognitive impairment (MMSE), and frailty index of 692 elderly inpatients were collected in a retrospective study. The relationship between cognitive frailty and age、multimirbidity was explored by Pearson x2 test fore trend. Logistic regression analysis was used to explore the associated factors of cognitive frailty. Results Cognitive frailty were found in 25.4%(176 cases) of patients with comorbidity. The rates of cognitive frailty were increased by age (60-69y was 12.7%, 70-79y 19.1%, ≥80y 39.7%; P for trend<0.000),CCI index (low CCI 11.1%, medium CCI 23.2%, high CCI 23.2%; P for trend<0.000) and Barthel ADLs disability (normal 5.7%, mild 35.3%, moderate 42.4%, sever 94.7%;P for trend=0.613). Compared to the non-cognitive frail groups, the rate of chronic diseases (chronic cardiac dysfunction, coronary heart disease, COPD, digestive system disease, osteoporosis, cerebrovascular disease, etc) and Geriatric syndromes (malnutrition, balance dysfunction, depression, urinary incontinence, high risk of falls, etc) were statistically higher in frail patients (P<0.05). After adjusted confounding factors, malnutrition (OR=4.785, 95%CI: 2.424-9.446) ,high risks of malnutrition (OR=2.210, 95%CI: 1.177-4.150), balance dysfunction (OR=5.300, 95%CI: 3.257-8.624),and osteoporosis (OR=1.751, 95%CI: 1.025-2.992)were the associated factors for cognitive frailty. Conclusion The rates of cognitive frailty was increased with increasing age,severity of multimorbidity and decline of ADLs. And malnutrition/high risks of malnutrition, balance dysfunction and osteoporosis were significantly associated with cognitive frailty in hospitalized elderly patients.