Type D personality -- A risk factor of Coronary Heart Disease
Received:April 06, 2019  Revised:May 14, 2019
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Key words:coronary heart disease;risk factor;prognosis;type D personality;mechanism;clinical research;
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      Coronary heart disease is a disease with high morbidity and mortality in China.The study of coronary heart disease risk factors has always been our hot spot.It was found that type D personality was an independent risk factor for the incidence and prognosis of CHD.This paper reviews the relevant studies on personality and coronary heart disease, focuses on the introduction of type D personality, including its origin, characteristics and evaluation methods,expounds the relevant mechanism of type D personality and coronary heart disease and the clinical research progress at home and abroad, in order to provide the basis for improving the prognosis of patients with coronary heart disease of type D personality.