The relationship of potentially inappropriate medications and falls in older patients
Received:November 11, 2018  Revised:November 30, 2018
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Key words:Aged, potentially inappropriate medications, falls
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Wang peng Integrated Department,Fuxing Hospital Capital Medical University 
边萌 首都医科大学附属复兴复兴医院药剂科 
王青 首都医科大学附属复兴医院综合科 
李放 首都医科大学附属复兴复兴医院综合科 
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      【Abstract】 Objective To investigate the association between the potentially inappropriate medications (PIM) and falls in older patients. Methods A retrospective cross-sectional study of 280 Hospitalized patients aged≥ 65 were selected and psychotropics PIMs were identified by the list of PIM for the chinese aged people(2017)and guidelines for prevent falls in the elderly,correlates the hand-grip strength (HGS)、Walking speed , The associations between falls and PIM use were analyzed by logistic Results Mean (SD) age was85±6years, Use of potentially inappropriate medicines(69.3%), psychotropics PIMs was associated with falls, Cardiovascular and other PIMs were not associated with falls, Logistic regression analysis showed a positive correlation between psychotropics PIMs and falls [OR(95%CI)2.376(1.103-5.120)(P=0.027)] Conclusions psychotropics PIMs was associated with falls in older patients,prescribers should be vigilant about psychotropics PIM especially drugs of class A (priority alert) A (priority alert).