Volume 18,Number 6,2019 Table of Contents

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  2019,18(6) [Abstract]  [View PDF(518.69 K)]

Clinical Research

Change of corrected QT dispersion before and after stone removal by therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and its influencing factors
  LI Feng, ZHU Yong-Xiang, WANG Fei, WU Xiao-Chao, MIAO Lin and LONG Ming-Zhi
  2019,18(6):401-404 [Abstract]  [View PDF(364.67 K)]
Prognostic analysis of chronic kidney disease in the elderly with estimated glomerular filtration rate by various equations
  WANG Xu and MA Qing
  2019,18(6):405-409 [Abstract]  [View PDF(542.09 K)]
Analysis of circumferential pulmonary vein antrum ablation approach for atrial fibrillation
  ZHOU Ye, PENG Li, ZHANG Yu-Xiao, ZHANG Hai-Qing, SHI Cheng-Long, LAN Kai and LU Cai-Yi
  2019,18(6):410-414 [Abstract]  [View PDF(400.33 K)]
Efficacy and safety of probusco combined with atovastatin in treatment of carotid atherosclerotic plaque in very old patients
  WU Kun, LI Bo, ZHANG Xuan, WANG Li, WANG Lin, LIU Wei and LI Xing
  2019,18(6):415-419 [Abstract]  [View PDF(433.56 K)]
Effect of infection of different types of Helicobacter pylori on lipid profiles and inflammatory factors in the elderly with coronary heart diseases
  HU Jia-Jun and MA Sheng
  2019,18(6):420-424 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.06 K)]
Serum levels of neuron specific enolase, ferritin and bilirubin in diabetic peri-pheral neuropathy patients and their clinical significances
  ZUO Hong, FENG Jia, WANG Shu-Jin, QI Ting, LIU Song-Fang and LIU Xu-Feng
  2019,18(6):425-429 [Abstract]  [View PDF(472.98 K)]
Clinical efficacy of nimodipine combined with edaravone in treatment of acute cerebral infarction in the elderly
  YIN Xiao-Ling, LIU Yong and ZHANG Fu-Jun
  2019,18(6):430-434 [Abstract]  [View PDF(434.71 K)]
A retrospective study of interventional therapy for complex coronary lesions via brachial artery approach
  ZHANG Ming, MU Yang, GAO Lei, WANG Ya-Bin, FENG Hong-Qi, ZHAO Jing, HUANG Jing-Te and CAO Feng
  2019,18(6):435-438 [Abstract]  [View PDF(373.93 K)]
Influencing factors associated with cognitive dysfunction in the elderly with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  XIU Shuang-Ling, SUN Li-Na, MU Zhi-Jing, HAN Qing and HU Wei
  2019,18(6):439-442 [Abstract]  [View PDF(364.87 K)]
Incidence of lower respiratory tract infection and its influence on cardiovascular events in the elderly patients with coronary heart disease
  LIAO Qi, LI Bin and LAI Cheng-Yi
  2019,18(6):443-446 [Abstract]  [View PDF(375.64 K)]

Basic Research

Effect of genipin on lipopolysaccharide-mediated vascular hyperpermeability and its underlying mechanism in vitro and in vivo
  CAO Yuan-Yuan, DENG Jia-Xiong, LI Gui-Cheng, AI Chen-Mu and LI Yun-Feng
  2019,18(6):447-452 [Abstract]  [View PDF(823.60 K)]

Case Report

  2019,18(6):453-455 [Abstract]  [View PDF(895.70 K)]
  2019,18(6):456-457 [Abstract]  [View PDF(323.17 K)]
  2019,18(6):458-459 [Abstract]  [View PDF(336.33 K)]


Research progress of angiopoietin-like protein 2 in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  LEI Yun-Zhen, JIAN Wei-Ming, HOU Li-Ming, LI Jun and WANG Xiao-Ming
  2019,18(6):460-463 [Abstract]  [View PDF(386.06 K)]
Research progress in chronic kidney disease complicated with sarcopenia in the elderly
  WANG Yan-Fei, CHANG Jing and SUN Qian-Mei
  2019,18(6):464-468 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.10 K)]
Correlation of mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation with aging
  LIU Jun-Le and ZHANG Liang-Cheng
  2019,18(6):469-472 [Abstract]  [View PDF(374.48 K)]
Research progress of long non-coding RNAs in regulation of inflammatory signal pathways in gout
  YANG Yan-Yu, XIONG Qin, TAN Min, QUAN Ya-Ping and ZHANG Quan-Bo
  2019,18(6):473-477 [Abstract]  [View PDF(420.79 K)]
Research progress on the correlation between obesity and geriatric frailty
  LIAO Qiu-Ju, CHEN Biao, LI Xiao-Xia and ZHAO Yi
  2019,18(6):478-480 [Abstract]  [View PDF(334.62 K)]